The purpose of Seathink 4.7.7 project is to entice lovers of good food, quality wines and sea pleasures to visit Puglia, our native land.
We aim to attract worldwide attention to Daunia and the magnificent scenery of Gargano Promontory (the northern part of Puglia): we combine passion for the sea with a sightseeing tour of Gargano, typical food and “Alberto Longo” cellar (from Lucera, near Foggia) wine tasting.
This is Seathink 4.7.7 world, tailored for the sea-lover: you’ll share an unforgettable experience with friends and people who enjoy wind in their hair or love diving into clear water.
Seathink 4.7.7 includes the Tremiti Islands, Italy spur: a breathtaking view, colourful plants, beaches, bays, creeks, caves.
A nature trail for your senses, in a land which boasts unique scents and colour: limestone white high cliffs, blue clear sea, deep green wood, and the headland with its typical scrub.
The area is rich in Mediterranean biodiversity. It includes vine, the source of fine wines.
On board you’ll sip wines and taste our traditional cooking.