Seathink, a unique yacht, boasts luxury features and custom-made boat’s technology. Passion for the sea, strong personality, high performances, unmistakable style.
All details of Seathink share elegance, high quality, innovation, safety, subtle and up-to-date luxury.
To sail Seathink is a unique pleasure: the yacht is fast, safe, comfortable, easy to control.
The deck resembles largest yachts’ deck: built-in bulwark, flush portholes, wide side gangways, a wide hatch to the sea; you’ll be able to sit in the sun in a dedicated stern area.
Interior layout: three cabins, a fairly large dining room, two bathrooms; precious materials, worked by skilled craftsmen, and obsessive care for light, both natural and artificial, will ensure you a very enjoyable experience.
Thanks to “infusion” (method of building) the hull is relatively stiff and light.
The bottom benefits from the latest fluid dynamics researches.
The T-shaped keel comes directly out of the experience which is applied to America’s Cup yachts and to TP52, for the utmost performance and safety.

Technical details
Model G.S.46 2011 Shipbuilder Cantiere del Pardo
Overall length 14.08 m Waterline length 12.35 m
Hull maximum width 4.31 m Draught 1.95/2.20/2.55/2.85 m
Weight 10,250 kg Ballast 3,500 kg
Berths 6 / 10 Sails’ area roughly 128 sq m
Fuel tank roughly 250 l Water tank roughly 450 l